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Mike Heffernan and Jason Barneson are State Certified Instructors for Handguns, Rifle, and Tactical Response.   

Mike: 715-797-5016 Jason: 715-829-2574

About us

Operational Experience

Jason and Mike have worked in tactical operations in and out of the State of Wisconsin for a combined experience of over twenty-five years. The two are experienced firearms instructors with a combined 29 years of expertise; their teaching capabilities range from training individuals who have never handled a firearm to those of advanced tactical experience.

Mission Statement

At Article 1 Tactical, we strive to teach and train people and businesses how to effectively protect themselves, their family, and those important to them from the threat of violence. We train today for a safer tomorrow.

What We Offer:

  • Customized Active Shooter Response and Preparation tailored to your business
  • Concealed Carry Classes for Wisconsin 
  • Basic Firearms Training customized to your skill level

Training for an Active Threat

Active Threat Training in Your Workplace

* where these incidents occur

* good practices on how to respond to an active threat

* preparing for an active threat in your workplace

* creation of an action plan

* recognizing potential workplace violence

* assessment of your organization's preparedness

* weapons in the workplace

Concealed Carry for Wisconsin

 Fulfills Wisconsin's requirement to obtain a concealed carry permit in this state. A Wisconsin resident must have a Wisconsin concealed carry license in order to carry in Wisconsin, even if that individual holds a valid concealed carry license from another state.  

  Training includes four hours of classroom discussing basic firearm safety, legal issues, carry methods, and more. Upon completion, students will receive a certificate that fulfills the State's requirement to obtain a concealed carry permit.  

Our next class is December 19, 5:30pm-9:30pm 

Town of Washington

5750 Old Town Hall Rd. Eau Claire,  WI. 

Cost: $40

More information and to buy tickets:


Natasha O. - Plank Enterprises

"I highly recommend "Article 1 Tactical" for Corporate Training events.  We recently completed the Active Threat Assessment and Preparation training class at our organization.  The information and knowledge we gained through their training has been impetus for advancing our policies and procedures. Next, we will extend the training corporate wide."

Pete F.

"Mike and Jason are dedicated law enforcement leaders who have years of experience in patrol and tactical operations.  They each have impressive training and instructional backgrounds and have delivered training to civilians, patrol officers, and tactical team members.  These men are of the highest caliber and personal integrity."

Brian H.

"These guys are legit. If you're thinking about getting your conceal and  carry license, own a business and are looking for ways to safeguard your  property, or just want to become more proficient with handling  firearms, check them out. You won't regret it."

Sarah G.

"Took my conceal carry class tonight with my Mom, Dad and sister and it  was great! Very informative yet very approachable class. I would highly  recommend to anyone looking to get started with their conceal carry or  further gun safety training!"

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We offer: 

Active Threat Assessment & Preparation

Basic Firearms Training

Concealed Carry Classes for Wisconsin

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